Commercial Solutions

From corporate espionage to employee theft, security is extremely important to businesses, whether it is a retail store, a corporate office or manufacturing. Certain areas must have restricted access and it is critical that identity is determined before access is granted.

Businesses want to manage the identifying of people coming and going through and inside their premises as well as to manage the access in these areas. They want to ensure that their employees and visitor can access the areas they need in the most efficient way and restricted areas are kept safe at the same time.
ID access control cards can be used by others, lost or stolen and even the biometric access control systems are not secure, as an employee can be under threat. There needs to be a solution that is always available and easy to use, while at the same time non-transferable. Businesses want and need a cutting-edge technology that is competitively priced and is able to be upgraded.
The Solution
Now imagine a solution where the entrances to secure areas can recognize you by the way you look, talk and walk…and that’s only the beginning.

SafeRise® modernizes the way people enter buildings, offices and secure areas using second generation biometrics with a fusion of face, voice, license plate and pattern of behavior recognition that provides easy, in motion and convenient identity management access while maintaining the highest level of security.
SafeRise® makes access easier and more secure. A registered person can enter a secure room by just walking to the door. The system recognizes and identifies him and then lets him in without missing a beat. SafeRise® also provides a detailed log of who entered – including face, voice, behavior, time, and date.

If there are two people trying to get in, the system makes sure it recognizes them both by their face, and by their voice. If not, the system can be configured to either prevent entry and transfer the event to the control room, which then has FULL control and knows who is entering, or request a confirmation from the recognized person.

Visitors are managed by a fast and accurate visitor management system, SafeVisit™. When your visitor arrives he will need to display the V-Key™ on his smart phone and show it to the camera. The system will detect the V-Key™, identify him and grant access and entry.

Known employee walk right in
Advanced automated Visitor Management
V-Key™, your personal visitor emailed key
Eliminates costs of cards and ensures long lasting ROI
Alerts and logs tailgating
Integration with leading turnstile providers
SafeRise® in motion identification® enables more than 30 people per minute to pass through a turnstile
Strengthen audit trail by means of true identification