Management Team

Aharon_Zeevi_Farkash Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, CEO
Aharon Farkash held numerous prominent positions with the Israel Defense Forces in his distinguished 40-year career of public service. From 1990-1993, he headed the prestigious Israel SIGINT National Unit (8200), after which he held senior positions in the Planning Branch for five years. Promoted to the rank of General in 1998, he subsequently served as Head of the Technology & Logistics Branch until 2001; he then was appointed to lead the Directorate of Military Intelligence (Aman), where he served until retiring from the IDF in 2006. Responsible for providing critical national security intelligence to the Israeli leadership, General Farkash developed close relationships with his worldwide colleagues. During his service in the IDF, General Farkash completed advanced studies including Brigade Command, Division Command, and Military & Defense Strategic Doctrine. He received a B.A. and M.A. in Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies from Tel Aviv University, and also completed the Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School. The General has developed an impressive network of contacts spanning the globe, including prime ministers, presidents, members & heads of Parliament, ministers and business leaders. He is on the board of directors of one of Israel’s leading top-tier real-estate companies, Alrov. General Farkash currently serves as the Head of the Intelligence and National Defense Program for the Institute of National Security Studies (INSS). He is also Chairman of Public Management of the Ben Yakir Youth Village, as well as an active member of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Friends.

Shahar_Belkin Shahar Belkin, CTO
Shahar has nearly two decades of experience in developing new technologies, algorithms and products in the fields of security and remote video. Implementing video analytics algorithms and techniques, these intelligent video products have been awarded a number of international patents. Shahar, a member of several international digital video and security standards committees, was the founder of OzVision, establishing it as the leading supplier of remote video services solutions in the U.S. In 1995, Shahar developed one of the first PC-based digital video recorders (DVR), and in 1997 he implemented live video over RF army radio based on a revolutionary algorithm to the IDF intelligence.

Ofir_Friedman Ofir Friedman, Vice President of Research & Development
Ofir has 15 years of R&D experience in developing and managing the development of integrated software/hardware data communication products in the fields of switching, routing, Carrier Ethernet and SONET/SDH. He holds a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University, graduating Cum Laude. Before joining FST21, he served as Director of Embedded Software for Atrica, a leader in the field of Carrier Ethernet which was acquired by Nokia Siemens Networks. Prior to that, Ofir worked for the Engineering Dept. of Avaya Communications and served in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

moshe.sheffer Moshe Sheffer, CFO
Moshe has over ten years of leadership experience in the security industry. He served as a Captain of a bomb squad unit in the IDF Infantry Corps. Later, as an officer in the Defense Ministry Office, he worked with technologically advanced security systems and led various types of security teams. In addition, Moshe has broad financial experience. He worked as a Certified Public Accountant and a team leader at KPMG, where he managed audit teams for large financial institutions, public corporations, and international firms. At KPMG, Moshe was ranked as the top employee in his role and selected as one of the most promising young leaders in the firm. Moshe earned a BA from Bar Ilan University in Economics and Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Tel Aviv University.

Shay Shoham, Vice President Operations
Shay has nearly a decade of proven expertise in Critical Assets (onshore and offshore, Oil & Gas) Facility Defense and security solutions including Command and Control systems. With vast experience in planning, leading, and executing long-term complex defense solutions, Shay holds an extensive knowledge of all project life cycle and implementation aspects, from initial concept through all design phases to successful deployment and systems integration. Prior to his role as Project Manager in Logic Industries, he was in charge of an operational set-up of large-scale water desalination facilities at Renewable Resources, Ltd., including the implementation of mobile water recycling facilities. Prior to that, Shay acted as Diamond Security and Plant mining manager at Samicor, overseeing the company's onshore logistics center, operations, services and manpower, as well as mobilization of special vessels and aircraft. Shay holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations from The Hebrew University and an MA in Conflict Management from Tel Aviv University.

Mark Ingram_M Mark F. Ingram, Director U.S Sales
An industry veteran for several decades, Mark Ingram has carved out a long and very successful career in the security industry.  Marking his beginnings as an installer for an alarm company in Connecticut in 1973, he went on to work in Sales for ADT before moving to the manufacturing side as the New England Sales rep for C&K Systems in the 80s. Ingram transitioned again to the distribution side and joined ADI in 1990, where he worked as a VP in various capacities for nearly twenty years. He joined Visonic Americas in 2009 and served as President and, most recently, he served as Manager of Strategic Distribution Sales for Pelco by Schneider Electric. FST21 welcomed Ingram as its Director of U.S. Sales in May, 2013.

Zeev Botzer Zeev Botzer, COO
Zeev Botzer joined FST21 as COO on November 2013. Zeev has wealth of over 25 years' experience in Operations management in global, fast growing Hi-Tech companies. Prior to joining FST21, he served for 7 years as Vice President of Operations at Visonic, an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components. Prior to Visonic, Zeev worked for 13 years in Verint Systems, a leading provider of enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence solutions as Vice President of Global Operations. Prior to that, Zeev held various operations management capacities in Optrotech and in Laser Industries. Zeev holds a BSc (with honors) in Industrial and Management Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Arie Melamed Yekel Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO
Arie is senior marketing & sales executive with over 20 years of experience in global sales and marketing with a proven record of leading the teams he managed to outstanding business results. Before Joining FST21, Arie was the Head of Global Marketing and Channel Sales in ECI Telecom, a global network infrastructure solutions provider. Prior to that, Arie managed multiple sales units in the High-Tech industry including Enavis Networks, Tadiran Telecom and others. Arie holds a BSc in Applied Physics and Electro Optics from the JCT and MBA (cum laude) from the Ben Gurion University. Arie is a member of the educational committee of the city he lives in, and is a board member of the German-Israeli chamber of commerce.

Asher Wagner Asher Wagner, Vice President of Sales & Business Development
Asher has vast experience in sales, project management, partnership and channel development from both the private and public sectors. Before joining FST21, Asher worked as a Sales and Business Development Manager at IBM’s Global Technology Unit, where he developed a new generation of partners whose innovative solutions incorporate IBM products and services. During his tenure, Asher was responsible for generating new business for IBM and the partners, on a magnitude of hundreds of millions of dollars. Prior to IBM, Asher served for 25 years as a Career Officer in the Israel Defense Forces. In 2003, he retired at the rank of Colonel after receiving the Israel Defense Prize, one of Israel’s highest defense honors, in recognition of his key role in developing and fielding a major defense program. Asher holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, both from the Technion.

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